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H2OImagine what your life would be like if you awoke tomorrow morning and found that there was no water coming into your home.  What would you do?  Probably you’d get a few gallons of bottled water, and feel a bit grungy and inconvenienced until the water came back on.  Other than that, things would really be OK.  But what if the water never came back on?  And what if the stores ran out of bottled water?  What if the nearest drainage ditch became the only place we could get any water at all?  Would you begin to worry about your health?  There are people living with exactly that problem all over the world.  And we can help.  Take a look at this H2O video, pick up your water bottle at the church or download the free H2O Project cell phone app and TAKE THE CHALLENGE to make a difference this Lent.

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“Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Mt 5:44).  Your “enemy” could be someone you find difficult to get along

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Think back upon this last week: were you the recipient of someone’s act of kindness?  Maybe someone held a door open for you,

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Saint Paul, in his letter to the Galatians, highlights for us the “fruit of the spirit”: “love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, gentleness and

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LLS Man of the Year Candidate This year, Zac Halloran (one of our daily workers at TSL held here at our parish) has

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We all have bad habits we would like to change.  Lent is an ideal time to identify a vice and then just drop

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The youth of our parish presented 10 different depictions of bible stories through their eyes. Click here to open the gallery.Powered by Cincopa

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To view the bulletin, or to print your own copy, please click here. Retreat Bulletin Insert – 2015  

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